I've been involved with network marketing before, what makes MintBuilder different?

Like many people I've known over the years, I've had my turn in the past with network marketing but didn't achieve the goals I had set for myself. In fact, I had pretty much made up my mind I wouldn't do it again.

Then when I was introduced to MintBuilder I thought, "Hey, I'll just buy silver at wholesale prices and get my 'personal mint' off to a good start."

I wasn't really thinking I would get involved again in trying to build an MLM business. But the more I looked at it, I thought, "What have i really got to lose?"

Now granted, building a network takes time and effort but this time around, I am working with a company that is not a typical MLM that sells pills, powders, potions, soap, miracle drinks, etc. It's Money!

Gold and Silver coins at wholesale cost and the ability to bring in others who would like to have the same benefit as me! 

It just feels right to me, and I'm getting more and more excited about this everyday!

An annual fee of Just $199 enables you to buy the highest quality coins at wholesale prices. 

Everybody should be doing this!

For people who are 'savers' and always pay themselves first before bills and creditors, first of all I say Kudos to you! But doesn't it make more sense to put that money into a commodity that will really pay off over time?

Storing your wealth in dollars, particularly in today's politically charged times, is a dicey proposition. The smart move would be to put your savings into a commodity like gold and silver.. It just makes sense.

And then there are Crypto Currencies like BitCoin

Mintbuilder understands the importance and value of bitcoin and you can even opt to be paid in bitcoin instead of dollars.

There's going to be lots more information to come on this site so I encourage you to stay tuned and if nothing else, do yourself the favor of becoming a wholesale customer, getting set on auto ship, and start building YOUR personal mint today!

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