To MintBuilder: Is there any BV accumulated on the wholesale sales of coins outside of the MS70 coins?

By Paul Stramer

On Monday I asked MintBuilder member support if they were going to pay anything to the members when someone buys the bullion rounds rather than the MS70 rounds.

Here was the question.

Is there any BV accumulated on the wholesale sales of coins outside of the MS70 coins?
Does the company share anything with their mint builders on the volume generated by the sale of all the other merchandise it sells to our downlines besides the MS70 coins?

And here was their answer, and after that my comments.

Hello Paul,

Volume is not given on bullion items.  For our prices to be at cost for wholesale members there is no room for volume to be given.  We will pay the seller of any item, including bullion, the difference in the cost between wholesale and retail price when the seller sells it to a retail customer.  

For example if you sold a 1 oz silver bullion bar to a customer who does not have a MintBuilder account and is not currently purchasing a membership, then you would earn the difference in the wholesale and retail price (which on a 1 oz bar is $1)

Right now in the shop there are only bullion items and the MS70 coin.  As we move forward more products will be available in the shop and their will likely be volume associated with them.


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My comments:

So what they are saying, is that there is no commission because these coins are really being sold at the actual cost to the company,  so there is no profit to get any commissions from. They are selling those coins at spot price plus the minting cost or strike fee and shipping to Mint Builder. I can't beat those prices buying from my mint. I did a price comparison yesterday and I would have to charge at least a dollar per ounce more, and in most cases up to $2 more.

That is good news for us, because it means we can all buy silver and gold for far less than we could from a dealer under most circumstances.  It really is like starting our own mint.

The MS70 coins are another story however.

Take a look at what you get for just putting one coin on the auto ship program (auto saver).

1. One ounce of fine silver which has been graded according to the Sheldon coin grading scale by the two top coin grading companies PCGS and NGC.  MS stands for Mint State.
Here is the Wikipedia article on how that works.

Here is the definition in the article of what an MS70 graded coin is.

The perfect coin, as minted. Has no trace of wear, handling, scratches or contact with other coins from a (5x) magnification. Coins in this grade are almost non-existent in older coins with very few examples known. Copper coins are bright with full original color and luster. Eye appeal is exceptional.

2. In addition to the MS70 silver coin, each membership is qualified for the commissions for their rank in the pay plan. Here is the link to the pay plan.

3. Then the company tracks all your sales, calculates all commissions and pays them daily when you cycle.  

4. MintBuilder also educates your members about precious metals and introduces new products over time that we can all buy at wholesale, and more products that we can put on auto ship that will bring us a commission.

5. MintBuilder does not charge for their website system. It is provided free to all members to build their downlines. I can tell you as a web developer, that is NOT inexpensive.  It costs money and lots of time to maintain a website system as complicated as the Mint Builder system.

Their website is integrated with some pretty complicated calculation and storage systems software that probably cost thousands of dollars to build, and will require constant 24/7 maintenance. 

6. MintBuilder ships all your products to your customers for you. Believe me you don't want to be involved in shipping precious metals.  I can speak from experience that they are heavy, and must be insured, and there are security concerns on every order. 

7. No silver dealer will pay you to introduce new customers to them on a continuous basis with a residual income every month. But Mint Builder will pay you a continuous commission to help them keep their customer base and increase it. And you can go as far as you want, up to an income of $10,000 per week.  

Now think what would happen if over the next few months we could all work together to get thousands of people to buy silver and accumulate silver and create that kind of income flow?

The key to that whole program is the Auto Saver program for the MS70 coin each month.

I want to use MintBuilder as a vehicle of education about why people need to own some silver to protect themselves from the possibility of a currency collapse.