Consent vs disinformation - Anna Maria Wilhelmina Hanna Sophia: Riezinger-von Reitzenstein von Lettow-Vorbeck – Got it Right!

Posted on September 24, 2014

Real consent? This is a rebuttal to the argument some patriots use to legitimize the current false “system” used in the USA and other countries based on fraud and identity theft outlined at by saying we consented to everything when we “signed” certain documents.

Were we able to “consent” when we were babies two or three days old? Were our Mothers able to “consent” without ever being told what they were “consenting” to? Were we told that we would be handing our babies over to the ownership of a private, for-profit, mostly foreign corporation? No.

Were we told that these same corporations were not public organizations, not accountable for their misdeeds, not staffed by people actually occupying the public offices they were elected to fill, but willfully functioning as private corporate officers instead? No.

Were we told that we would be mis-characterized and misrepresented by these same impostors pretending to be our “representatives” and that they would lay claim to our bodies, intellectual property (our names are our intellectual property, by the way), our land, our homes, our labor, our businesses, our currency, our ideas, and yes, our children as chattel backing their irresponsible profit seeking spending “in our behalf”? No.

Were we told that we would be considered unpaid volunteers, working for free in a wide array of “jobs” from “withholding agents” to “postal workers” to “warrant officers” to “merchant marine sailors” to “federal contracting officers” and so on? No.

Were we told that these scumbags would “presume” us to be slaves? Literally? No.

Were we told that every “registration” and “application” offered or seemingly “required” by these vermin results in the transfer of our private property to their ownership? No.

Were we told that we were the source of all funding for all “loans”—- that we literally paid for any and every “loan” ever made in this country and PRE-PAID, it too, and that in the end, we would never receive the benefit for our labor? That it would all belong to and benefit a fake “trust” established in our NAMES as a result of probate fraud?No.

Were we told that our natural God given rights would be taken from us and disrespected and trampled in the dirt by our EMPLOYEES??? No.

Were we told that by putting up with this crap, we would be enslaved by those same EMPLOYEES who have conspired against us to misappropriate our credit, steal our identities, and defraud us? No.

Consent, is only attained when people engage honestly and under condition of FULL DISCLOSURE. No contract is valid without FULL DISCLOSURE under the Common Law, which is why the remedy to claim Common Law preserved at Uniform Commercial Code 1-308 and the recourse preserved at 1-103.6 is so very precious. It allows us all to say, “Bull Crap!” to these criminals in suits, void ALL their claims and contracts that have been created under conditions of stealth, inequity, semantic deceit, and non-disclosure, and send them and people like you packing.

Don’t try to excuse what they have done, for there is no excuse. It is systematic, purposeful, blatant identity theft and misappropriation of credit under conditions of self-interested deceit and fiduciary trust fraud of the first order. It makes no difference whatsoever that it is being practiced by foreign commercial “governmental services corporations” pretending to “represent” our lawful government. That only makes it worse than being ripped off by a nameless hacker. These reprobates have done it while pretending to “represent” us, to be “our” elected “public servants”.

The fact is that the “federal” government has always been private, foreign, and merely under contract to provide services and they all KNOW what the only contract in existence is and what it says and they have all chosen to commit fraud against the American people and the States of America, instead. So now, we can clearly state that there is no lawful American government apart from the few constitutional offices which still function and exist and the actual civil government vested in each and every living American on the land.

Those operating the maritime and admiralty jurisdictions are in GROSS Breach of Trust and deserve NOTHING but the strongest kind of repudiation and commercial action to deprive them of any further benefit from their false claims and criminality. The entire rest of the world is aware of what you are attempting to ignore and discredit. 177 nations have joined together in protest to put an end to this “System” that the lawyers and bankers among us have colluded together to establish and impose upon the States of America, Canada, Mexico, most of Europe, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The Pope has given the rats three years to come into compliance with their corporate charters or face liquidation. One entire year has passed and so far they have interpreted this circumstance as, “Gee, we have two more years to rape and pillage!” Nobody at the Vatican is laughing. Neither am I. There are three international trustees obligated to protect the US Trust and to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

They are the Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Joseph Lew, who became Trustee of the Land Jurisdiction of the States of America when he acquired control of the Office of The United States Postmaster, Pope Francis in his temporal role as “FRANCISCUS”, and HRM Elizabeth II, who, together with the Lords of the Admiralty and the Privy Council, is most especially, particularly, and damnably responsible for the existence of this “System” of legalized enslavement and press ganging of innocent people who never in their lives agreed to— or to use your word, “consented”—to ANY OF THIS FRAUD.

It’s a good thing I don’t have you here before me, and that there is no real audience present to hear the debate, nor the deep and burning outrage in my voice. The Masters of this Continent may be faulted for being trusting and simple and good, but they cannot and will not be faulted for ever knowingly consenting to any of this misrepresentation, collusion, theft, fraud, and malfeasance on the part of those who have impersonated American public officials, practiced gross and purposeful semantic deceit and identity theft aimed at helpless babies, practiced gross probate fraud against babies and school children, and then had the gall to claim that these children “consented” to be enslaved by the likes of you and these criminals in robes and suits.

Before this is done everyone will know The Truth, and yes, The Truth will set them free. They will know what to think of people like you, the scum of the bilge of the earth, who could ever condone such behavior on the part of “judges” and “bankers” and “politicians” and contrive to blame the victims on the basis of “laws” passed by these same pretenders and criminals for the promotion of their fraud. For shame on your soul! Don’t speak to me of “Law”, for it is plain on the face of it that the only “Law” you know is the “Law of Tooth and Claw” and the only admiration you have is for the Father of All Lies.