What is MintBuilder.com?

MintBuilder.com is both a great way to save by acquiring Fine Mint Coins and Gold &
Silver Bullion assets to protect your familys' wealth. MintBuilder.com is also a great
way to earn a residual income from home without risking your current employment or
income. In fact with MintBuilder.com you may even be able to fire your boss and give
your family the lifestyle that they, and you, deserve.

What is the purity of the Gold and Silver MintBuilder.com sells?

MintBuilder.com only sells the purest and highest quality Silver, this is marked as
.999 PURE SILVER. Additionally we only sell 24 KARAT PURE GOLD (also known as 'Fine
Gold'). So whether you are a retail customer or a wholesale customer you can be assured
that you are getting the purest and finest products at the most amazing prices. (Even
more amazing if you're a wholesale customer).

What is a 'Retail Customer'?

Within MintBuilder there are two types of 'customer'. Retail customers simply buy Fine
Mint Coins and Gold & Silver Bullion from any website belonging to one of our
'Wholesale Customers' (just like the site you're on now). Wholesale customers keep 100%
of the profits made when anyone purchases products from their website and
MintBuilder.com handles all the transaction, shipping and commissions tracking. Retail
customers pay 'Retail Prices' on all products and do not have access to 'Membership
Pricing' on Fine Mint Coins nor can they earn commissions from MintBuilder.com

What is a 'Wholesale Customer'?

MintBuilder.com allows anyone to become a wholesale customer for a small annual
'Membership Fee', it's a bit like joining a 'buying club'. Wholesale members are able
to introduce both retail customers and new wholesale members to MintBuilder.com.
Wholesale customers each have a beautiful, fully e-commerce website (just like this
) and they are eligible to earn both retail commissions and commissions made when
any member of their team also sells a product.

Can I access cost pricing without joining MintBuilder?

Unfortunately not, in order to access the amazing savings enjoyed by our members you
must become a MintBuilder.com wholesale customer yourself.

What is the cost to join MintBuilder as a wholesale customer?

To become a MintBuilder.com wholesale customer we have an annual 'Membership Fee' of
just $199.00 per annum. In addition to access to members only pricing on Fine Mint
Coins and cost pricing on Gold & Silver bullion, MintBuilder.com wholesale customer
also get a beautiful, fully e-commerce website (just like this one) and a fully
operational back-office that tracks all their sales and commissions automatically. Plus
much much more.

Do I have to buy a product every month as a wholesale customer?

There are TWO ways to qualify for commissions every month as a wholesale customer. 

1. Buy a Fine Mint Coin to add to your growing collection (Don't forget, you'll only
pay the Members Only price).

2. Introduce a new 'Wholesale Customer' that month. If you do this then you do not need
to buy a Fine Mint Coin to qualify for commissions made from retail sales and team

How quickly can I be up and running?

Once you have registered to become a MintBuilder.com wholesale customer and paid the
annual membership fee ($199 per annum) you will up and running instantly. Your login
details for your back-office and your website URL will be emailed to you as soon as you
have completed the registration.

Do I have to handle orders, money, inventory and deliveries?

No! MintBuilder.com does EVERYTHING for you. Any time anyone in your team places an
order or whenever anyone places a retail order through your MintBuilder.com website our
team here at MintBuilder.com HQ swing into action and take care of everything from
taking your customers payments, packing and shipping the order and commissions are
added to your back-office account instantly.

How fast can I get paid with MintBuilder?

VERY FAST! in reality you could be up and running, earning commissions and profits
today and due to our super-fast DAILY PAYOUT you could be paid ... TOMORROW!

Can I get paid in Bitcoin?

Absolutely ... YES! MintBuilder.com is technologically advanced company and we have
integrated Bitcoin right into our infrastructure. So if you're a 'Crypto' user and
looking for an opportunity where you can not only acquire Fine Mint Coins and Gold &
Silver Bullion but also want to get paid in Bitcoin then MintBuilder.com is the ONLY
opportunity on the internet today that offers you all THREE of these elements in one
simple business.

OK! I'm in ... How do I get started?

Fantastic! It's great to have you with us. In order to get started simply click the
button below that says 'Register Now'. Complete the short registration form and once
your annual membership fee is processed (instantly) you'll get emails containing your
back-office login credentials and your own URL to your own business building, e-
commerce enabled website (exactly like this one).