An in depth explanation of the games that have been played on the American

By Anna M von Reitz – Updated 14 July 2014

Nothing to discuss here, boys--- there are over 350 different meanings
ascribed legally to the four words "united states of america", and all of
the above fall into the pile. There is no use even discussing it unless you
know the context in which the words are being used.

But, yes, the "United States of America" IS a corporation --- a religious non-profit
chartered by the Roman Catholic Church no less---in Delaware. When
used in this context it may appear in all capital letters, which is one
means used to identify corporations. Also, you want to pay attention to
the word "the" and how it appears, as that often gives the best
indication of the nature of the entity being discussed.

There's a lot more where that came from. I have been working this
problem for 35 years, so anytime people need information about a topic,
let me know. I will either know the answer or someone else in my circle
of friends will have it written on their knuckles.

The whole topic you are discussing is crucial to understanding what we
are dealing with. So let's take a moment and deconstruct it some more---

There's the united States of America ---that the Republic, notice the
small "u" on united? That's the way the Founders designated it and the
way it appears on the original equity contract known as "The
Constitution for the united States of America" ---note the use of the
preposition "for" not "of" as well as the small "u" on "united"?

Then there is the "federal corporation" which is the business entity
responsible for providing the nineteen enumerated governmental
services that the original States contracted for. That has gone by
various names. The first unincorporated company formed by Ben
Franklin was simply called "The Company" or "The United States"
and it operated from 1754 to 1863 when it was bankrupted by
Lincoln. Please note that this was a commercial governmental services
company that also functioned as a trust management organization due
to the two-part nature of the original Constitution.

The Constitution is BOTH a national trust indenture (Preamble and Bill
of Rights) and a commercial services agreement (the nineteen
enumerated services the "federal" government was supposed to provide
in common for the States).

Then we went through bankruptcy reorganization euphemistically
called "reconstruction" after the Civil War and a new Trust
Management Organization and governmental services corporation was
44 organized which published its corporate articles as the "Constitution of
the United States of America"----note that "the" is not part of the name
of this document and that it is not capitalized like the original
Constitution, that the "u" in "United" is capitalized, and that it uses the
preposition "of" instead of the word "for"-----when you see any
differences like this in legal documents it indicates that it is a totally
different document. In this case, it is a document peculiar to that new
corporation that was formed in the District of Columbia calling itself
the "United States of America (Incorporated)".

This version functioned from 1871 to 1933 when it was bankrupted by
FDR. Again, we went through bankruptcy reorganization, only this
time it lasted eighty years from 1933 to 2013. During that time the
governmental services contract was fulfilled ---from 1944 onward---by
the UNITED NATIONS CORPORATION doing business as the
subsidiary are chartered in France.

Since the bankruptcy of the United States of America, Inc. finally ended
the rats have set up a new FEDERAL RESERVE under UNITED
NATIONS corporation auspices to replace the old Federal Reserve
System and they are preparing to bankrupt the IMF subsidiary doing
business as the UNITED STATES.

Then the new "FEDERAL RESERVE" will step in and take over the
governmental services contract and the IMF version of "UNITED
STATES" will go into bankruptcy reorganization. It's a con game, in
other words, in which these two giant banking cartels BOTH now
operated by the UNITED NATIONS Corporation, abuse bankruptcy
protection in a methodical, cyclic way.

There are a lot of other games being played with semantic deceit based
on "similar names" but before we leave the topic of the name "United
States of America" ---- everyone should be aware that there are TWO
nations calling themselves "United States of America"---- there is The
United States of America ---composed of now-fifty (50) States of the
Union and otherwise known as The United States of America (Major),
and there is the United States of America (Minor) composed of the
Seven Insular States more commonly though of as federal territories
and possessions---Guam, Puerto Rico, the State of New Columbia (that
is, DC), American Samoa, et alia.

The United States of America (Major) is populated by American State
Citizens. The United States of America (Minor) is populated by US

American State Citizens have natural and unalienable rights. US
citizens have only the "civil rights" that the US CONGRESS feels like
granting them.

Are you beginning to see the depth, breadth, and width of the gigantic
FRAUD that has been practiced against Americans and the reason why
you have been enslaved? How many times have you checked the box
ignorantly saying that yes, you are a "US citizen"???

Sure, share as far and wide as possible. The more people who know the
truth and have the detail, the better. Then the rats can't lead us around
by the nose and baffle us with bs.

That said, we are dealing with a nest of criminals. It started with the
banks and promptly infested both the lawyers and the politicians.

I think the ones most vulnerable to confrontation are the politicians and
the politicians can then be used to whip and beat both the lawyers and
the bankers, who have hitherto surreptitiously hidden behind their pals
in the various legislatures.
All the members of the State legislatures need to be forced to take their
Public Oath of Office and to swear that they will operate only within
that office for the term of their service. What they are doing now is
operating as officers of privately owned and operated corporations
merely calling themselves the "State of_______" (a franchise of the old
Federal Reserve corporation doing business as the United States of
America, Incorporated) or the "STATE OF_________" a franchise of
the International Monetary Fund doing business as the UNITED
STATES.......while pretending to be serving the public interest and
serving a public office. They aren't.

So start there. Go after the "State" Legislatures and demand to know
what kind of "state" they are running and whether they are occupying
public office exclusively, or if they are impersonating public officials
while acting in fact as officers of a franchise of a foreign, for-profit
governmental services corporation?

Let them have it. Full bore. Get people educated and go for it. These
sneaks have been lining their pockets with public resources for decades.

Oh, I don't care. This is nothing compared to what I've done to the rats
over the years. I haven't paid a penny of income tax in twenty
years. Have closed down foreclosures in thirteen states. Issued
protection orders to the Joint Chiefs. I don't think explaining the mis-
136 uses of the words "United States of America" is anything new or

Didn't see all this immediately.

Please see the last item in the "Answers" section of the attached Final
Judgment and Civil Orders document.

The Roman Catholic Church IS implicated in this mess up to its
eyeballs and nobody including the Pope is attempting to deny it. It was
the 1845 Treaty of Verona between the then-Pope and the British
Monarch agreeing to undermine the American government that they

It is important for everyone to understand that however inspired the
origins of the Church may be, the actual institution is full of human
faults and frailties and under constant and purposeful assault from the
Crown Temple. The Crown Temple worships Satan and one of its
avowed goals is to infiltrate the Church and commandeer it much as
"the United States of America (Minor)" has attempted to steal the
identity and commandeer the resources of The United States of America

As we explain in the Final Judgment and Civil Orders, there are times
when undercover agents of the Crown Temple gain prominence in the
Church, which results in all sorts of evil and skullduggery being
committed "in the name of" the Church, much as so much evil, illicit
trading in arms, drugs, prostitutes, tobacco, etc. has been carried on by
the CIA "in the name of" America.

In approaching this current situation it is neither helpful nor
appropriate to speak in generalities of the "Church is bad" or
"America is good" kind----because we are now very thankful to the last
two Popes, Benedict and Francis, who have risked their lives and who
continue to risk their lives to try to correct the errors and deceit of
predecessors. In the same way, it is easily seen that much of what has
been done in the name of America in recent years has been thinly veiled
naked greed, self-interest, and carnality unleashed on the rest of the

It would be easy to blame "the Church" for not recognizing the fraud
being promulgated in its name, but then, it is a rather recent
development that we have become aware of the fraud being practiced
against us and "in our name"----so instead of blaming, I suggest we
apply the "Goodwill Test" ---- when you see people of whatever race,
creed, political party, or other "group"---trying their best to achieve
182 justice and peace, just skip the labels and pay attention to what they do
and what they try to do, instead of being deceived by propaganda
devices designed to divide and conquer us.


I know "the" question to ask the "US MARSHALS"---- ask them in
what office they are acting?

Are they acting as "US MARSHALS" --- that is mercenaries of the IMF
doing business as the "UNITED STATES"--- a French commercial

Or as "US Marshals" --- that is, mercenaries of the FEDERAL

Or as "us marshals"---- constitutional officers employed to protect the
US Mail?

You might inform them that if they are operating on our soil in either of
the two corporate capacities they are acting illegally and that they don't
have permission to have egress on state soil when they are acting as
officers serving a private corporation----only when they are pursuing
their lawful duties as constitutionally sworn officers protecting the US

So? Was Randy on "US"---that is, federal soil when they apprehended
him? Do the charges against him have anything to do with mail fraud,
If not, then the "US Marshals"/ "US MARSHALS" are subject to
citizen’s arrest, and all you American State Citizens should be looking
up the exact words to use for a citizen's arrest in your state and then
next time one of these "US Marshals" leaves the courthouse or
wherever they are penned up, arrest one of them.

Seems simple enough to me. They are acting as outlaws on state soil,
impersonating constitutional officers when they are acting in private

"Impersonating an officer" is more than good grounds for a citizen's
arrest. Inform the local District Court that the only "federal officers"
who have free egress on state land are the "us marshals" when in
pursuit of their duty to protect the mail. When they are doing anything
else and particularly when they are acting as "officers" of corporate
entities---either the FEDERAL RESERVE doing business as THE
 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or the IMF doing business as the
UNITED STATES----either one----they have no law enforcement office
on state soil and when they arrest someone as they have arrested Randy,
they are guilty of kidnapping and false arrest.

Start holding their feet to the fire. Explain that they don't have the
powers they think they have. When they are acting as employees of
STATES (INC.) they have all the "authority" of Ronald McDonald on
state soil. That is, they have no business using their uniforms and
badges and night sticks on American State soil when they are involved
in any activity EXCEPT guarding the mail. Period.

Give the rats a subpoena through the "US District Court" and a show
cause Order.

That should get them scurrying....

Actually, since Obama is an officer of a private corporation and does
not answer to the "US CONGRESS" in that capacity, what really needs
to be done to get rid of him is to bring suit against his actual employer---
- the IMF. That would get their attention. Running around begging the
members of Congress to act gets you nowhere because even if they
wanted to impeach him they gave away 97% of their power during the
Roosevelt Administration ----


Our Forefathers vested the ENTIRE civil government
in each and every one of us! Each one of us has more
civil authority on the land than the entire "federal"

They did this so that no foreign entity could claim that
they have established "exclusive legislative jurisdiction"
over Americans----which is required before any foreign
power can claim victory in a war and seize American

DO NOT ever say or think that there is "no legitimate
government"-----we are our own legitimate
government! That is why we are each and every one of
us sovereign beings!

There is no way that any foreign power can claim
 "victory" over us so long as a single American breathes!

understand! That is what makes America different and
exceptional. That is the only reason that we are not and
cannot be overtaken and defeated in the fake "war"
they have launched and pursued for the past hundred

So long as one of us draws breath and remembers this
fact there is NO WAY for them to ever declare victory!

Stop pushing the red button, please. We are not "there" yet, and just
because some of these things such as the 2011 UCC filings are just now
coming into the purview of THIS particular group does NOT mean that
nothing has happened in the THREE years since then....

In fact, a lot has happened, and most of it doesn't have to do with
treason. Most of it has to do with REASON, which is needed now.

While you guys are running around going, "OMG! OMG! We've been
defrauded!" ---- You've been defrauded for 150 years, okay?

You were defrauded before you were born.

Just because you suddenly realized that you are being defrauded
changes nothing, except your awareness of the situation and, hopefully,
your ability to change the situation.

Others of us have been aware since 1995. We haven't been standing
still. We have gone to Rome and sued the Vatican for Breach of
Trust. We have brought law suit after law suit after law suit. We have
claimed back vacated offices. We have laid huge commercial liens
against the perpetrators. We have fought most of this fight
already. We have slogged through the entire commercial due process
regimen in all our behalfs. We have corresponded with bank officials,
foreign governments, state governments, law enforcement agencies, and
on and on.

Just because you are all just now waking up doesn't mean that all the
other Americans have been asleep!

And you would be very, very mistaken if you think that your brothers
and sisters have betrayed your interests and only looked after their own
 rumps. Many of us have sacrificed our lives, our fortunes, and our
reputations on earth---served long prison terms, lost our homes, lost our
families----you name it---other Americans have already suffered it to
bring forward the information and progress that you are just becoming
aware of now.

Let's start with the 2011 UCC filings you guys just discovered -- those
are three years old. The creditors named have already booted up
another fiat monetary system and issued more "notes"--- "United States
Treasury Notes" ---- that is, they have offered the world the same old
crap and guess what? The rest of the world has already said, "No!"

That's what the BRIC's alliance is about. That is why other Americans
have already taken action to claim back the assets of the united States of
America, already taken action to prevent Obama's mercenary
commercial armies acting under the guise of being "federal agencies"
from unleashing violence on our shores, already taken action to build a
new, viable monetary system based on commodities---- you are YEARS
behind the curve and you don't have all the information you need to
rightly know how to interpret what you are seeing.

So, please, just stop and spend a few days to learn. You've been
defrauded all your lives. Another week won't change anything, but it
will change your ability to fight this battle and it will increase the
chances of a peaceful resolution.

I don't know what to do about Google. They are bullied by the "federal
corporation" and probably don't know what they are dealing with any
more than most people have known.

say things like that, it plays into their hands.

That is precisely what they want us to say and think, because then they
can claim that they have established "exclusive legislative jurisdiction"
over us and that they are the victors in their endless "war"-------!
Instead, we must remember the birthright we are heir to, and use that
to squelch the vermin.

As I said in my "big letters" message----the entire civil government of
this country is vested in each and every one of us. That's how we came
to be "sovereigns without subjects" in the first place. It is what makes
3America unique throughout the world. We are under NO
OBLIGATION to EVER convene a "Congress" if we don't want to, but
we should realize by now that our failure to watch over our own affairs
 and run our own government has resulted in this mess.

A lot of people go bonkers when they are first confronted with the
depth, breadth, and width of the fraud. They seize hold of one corner of
it and start ripping and tearing in an ignorant fashion and that does not
serve the cause. You see it all over---- there are thousands of people
now with one piece of the jigsaw puzzle or a few pieces, and they think
that that is all there is to it-----but no, this is a truly VAST mess that has
developed for over 150 years.

What needs to happen is for people to approach this coldly, humbly,
and methodically----everyone bringing their piece(s) of the puzzle
forward and working on it together.

Well, put yourself in their moccasins. Most of them were and are just as
ignorant as anyone else when they get into office. Only about 5-10% of
them ever realize the truth, and they manipulate the others. So here we
come and we tell them, hey, you are impersonating public officials! You
are crooks!

So far as they know, they ran for a public office and they won fair and
square and they don't know what you are talking about. More than
that, they don't WANT to know what you are talking about, because
that puts them in line for a gray-striped suit or a gibbet. It scares them

That is why forgiveness is key to this--- we tell them, we forgive them,
we acknowledge that this is a rotten situation all around, and we offer to
work with them to restore a lawful government. We bring forward
what their limitations and responsibilities really are. We insist that our
rights and contracts be respected. We press for our material interests
and those of our states and brethren. We insist that they take a proper
oath of public office. And we plod forward and we don't give up.

That's been my modus operandi for three decades. Just get up every
day and teach one more one more policeman.....write
one more letter.....give one more radio interview.....file one more law
suit....issue one more subpoena.....

The Big Secret about the Bar Association is simple.

In 1845 the then-Pope and the British Monarch (both of whom were
honor-bound to act as Trustees for The United States Trust and both of
whom acted gross in Breach of Trust) agreed that the American
Experiment was not working. The whole idea of self-rule was
antithetical to the idea of Divine Right of Kings and Papal
 Supremacy. So, they signed the secret Treaty of Verona and agreed to
undermine the American government.

The British Monarch issued Letters of Marque and Reprisal to the
British Crown Commercial Company which controls the bankers and
the lawyers, and issued licenses to the lawyers to act as privateers. That
is why the Bar Association requires "licenses". Any time you see the
word "license" it means that someone in a position of rulership is giving
someone else (the licensee) permission to do something that is otherwise
ILLEGAL. In this case, the King gave the members of the Bar
Association permission to act as privateers against American
"commercial vessels".

They couch all this in sea-going terms, because the jurisdiction where
they attack us is international admiralty and maritime commercial

There are three "jurisdictions" defined by the Global Estate Trust
established by the Roman Catholic Church circa 1450 AD----- air, land
and sea. Each jurisdiction has its own law forms and natural venue and
law forms. The air jurisdiction is global in nature and functions under
canon law. The sea jurisdiction is international in nature and functions
under admiralty law. The land jurisdiction is national in nature and
functions under the law of the land. We are naturally owed the law of
the land, but these vermin have connived to "redefine" us as
commercial vessels and so, enabled themselves to attack our estates in
the unnatural jurisdiction of international admiralty.

Our problem is that the lawyers and bankers contrived to usurp onto
the land and to "set aside" the law of the land by PRESUMING that we
were "missing, presumed dead" and that our ESTATES were
commercial vessels subject to maritime salvage liens..... using all this
fanciful "reasoning" they developed a highly efficient fraud machine
which they have wielded in international jurisdictions to rob, defraud,
falsely arrest, conscript, and otherwise abuse the innocent Americans
who respected these rotters as "men of law" when in fact they have been
operating as robbers and racketeers and extortion artists.

All these DEFENDANTS you see in court cases? None of them are the
living men or women of the same or similar name. They are all ----
without exception----"corporate administrative franchises" of either the
corporations that are merely named after the living victims.

Listen up and learn fast----
The living man or woman is either described in law or denoted using all
small letters for their name---- like this: "john quincy adams" or
"john-quincy:adams" or "John Quincy of the House Adams".

The foreign situs trusts set up by agents of the old Federal Reserve
System were all named using upper and lower case names like
this: "John Quincy Adams".

The Roman Inferior ESTATE trusts set up by the UNITED STATES
were all named using all capital letters like this: "JOHN QUINCY

And the public utilities that they are setting up now in the next step of
their fraud scheme are all named like this: "JOHN Q. ADAMS".

The instant you see anything addressed to "JOHN Q. ADAMS" you
want to write back and protest the new "name"----which is not your
name in any case, but which you must protest in order to keep them
from "rolling over" your ESTATE into this new "commercial vessel"
and claiming that you have willingly contracted with them.

Once again, it is fraud all based on "similar names" and semantic deceit
and abuse of trust.

Start taking it to the attorneys. Write to your local Judicial
Councils. Beard the President of the local Bar Association. Nab
individual attorneys. Write them letters. Inform them that as of
September 1, 2013, they are ALL 100% commercially and individually
liable for their acts of criminality, omission, and fraud. That is one of
the effects of Pope Francis' First Apostolic Letter, which rewrote the
international criminal code.

In other words--- tell the lawyers that their "licenses" are no good
anymore and won't protect them when they act as pirates and
privateers against the unsuspecting and innocent people who have been
their prey for 100 years. The game is up. And now the hunters become
the hunted....

That 2011 UCC filing? Well, I have pursued it all on down the pike and
have reclaimed control of my own ESTATE and filed commercial liens
against the UNITED NATIONS and the IMF and the UNITED
STATES in behalf of the States of America and me, the living
woman. Then I have made an Irrevocable Will granting an equal
interest in the claim to all Americans. So both the States and the people
inhabiting the States now have a viable and timely commercial affidavit
standing for their interests.
The so-called "Republic for the United States of America" is just
another private club claiming to "represent" us and resisting the
foundational premise and requirement of the actual Republic that we
each independently present ourselves.

Speaking for myself, now and forever, I have had enough of being
"represented" by all those who have been elected to public offices they
haven't entered or honored, and I deny any ability of the volunteer
members of the "Republic for the United States of America" to
represent me, either.

All these "representative bodies" seek to mislead people into thinking
that these groups are the legitimate government, which implies that the
rest of us are not the legitimate government. In fact, we are each and
every one of us the only government and always have been. Delegating
our authority via elections was only a method used to expedite
administration of government services---nothing more or less.

This game of "representing" people has become a means of theft,
corruption and deceit. We must recognize that "representative
government" is at fault for this present circumstance and that those
elected to "represent" us have misrepresented us and lined their
pockets and spilled our blood. We must further recognize that human
nature being what it is, this is the predictable outcome of indulging in

To the extent that we delegate power to any other agent or agency from
now on, it must be a conscious, official, individual act not subject to the
vagueries of elections, Diebold machines, or "trust". We must each
officially and individually choose individuals if we want them to carry
our proxy and we must saddle them with exact instructions and
fiduciary accountability if we wish to continue the device of
representative government at all.

Mark Gardner, please forward my objection to the Republic for the
United States of America leadership. They have no standing except the
same individual standing that we all possess. Their pretensions
otherwise are unseemly and offensive, and so are the underlying
assumptions that they proceed upon. They believe, apparently, that
when they all get together and decide what should happen to or for the
rest of us that we are under obligation to honor their will instead of our
own. They conceive of the whole being greater than the individuals
making up the whole, which is a patent error of logic amounting to
mental illness.
Equal means equal.

Collective representation is akin to collective guilt---impossibility. There
is no such thing as "collective guilt". There is only the guilt of
individuals collected together. In the same way there is no such thing as
"representative government" and never has been. There have only
been groups of individual people pretending to represent others who
5have not presented themselves. This "representation by omission" is
intrinsically fraudulent and open to abuse.

We must face the facts and our own responsibility without recourse to
yet another private club claiming to represent everyone. It doesn't
work. It never has. And making that mistake is how our country got
into this mess in the first place.