Just So You Know

by Anna von Reitz
Posted on July 31, 2014 by David Robinson

Okay, well, by the skin of our proverbial teeth, we passed the waiting period and did the final “extraction” of the layers of gobbledygook “states” back into the organic states today.

We are “out of” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and “in-to” The United States of America” and “out of” The United States of America and “in-to” the united States of America at last. The counter-claim is nailed down good and fast for the organic states and the living inhabitants thereof.

All of us.

When the rats come to collect at either level, they will find that someone did show up and claim the missing property. Both the Federal Reserve and the IMF will be disappointed to learn that a few little old ladies and peerless gentlemen from around this country remembered who they were.

And Mr. Obummer? His comment that “common people are too stupid to manage their own affairs” — just got served a double helping of “how does that taste?”

He’ll have a lot more respect for the “common people” of this country before we are through mopping up on him and his little cronies-for-hire.