Removing The Fangs


By Anna von Reitz

WE are all “permanently domiciled” in the jurisdiction of the air, holding “beneficial interest” on the land. We are — while incarnate living beings— creatures of the land and air and not naturally of the sea. This is why when we participate in international commerce we have to be considered “vessels” or mariners (civil maritime) or sailors (admiralty).

What has happened is that we have all been declared “legally dead” by our supposed trustees and creditors and our ESTATES (named after us, of course) have been “removed” from our natural land jurisdiction on the land of the fifty (50) States united to Puerto Rico, where they fall under the maritime jurisdiction of the United States of America (Minor)—the federal “states” which we consider federal territories and possessions—- Guam, Puerto Rico, et alia.

These “states” and the “State of____________” franchises established by the United States of America, Inc. all function under the maritime “law” of the United States of America (Minor) which is a foreign country with respect to us.

The “STATE OF______________” franchises established by the MUNICIPAL (that is, international city-state) government of WASHINGTON, DC all function under international law of the sea, and since all our individual ESTATE trusts were created by Washington, DC Statute Chapter 2, Section 7-201, paragraph 10—-this is the jurisdiction where all claims are brought against our ESTATES.

This is again, all foreign with respect to us, but we wind up being misaddressed in this foreign jurisdiction as a result of the “similar names” used to denote both the living man: “james william smith” and the ESTATE trust the probate court named after him: “JAMES WILLIAM SMITH”.

So….how to back out of this trap? First, claim control of your ESTATE and the transmitting utility “JAMES W. SMITH” and the state-level franchises “James William Smith” and “James W. Smith”—–leave nothing on the table, claim against all these entities, making yourself, the living man the recognized priority secured party creditor.

Use the UCC-1 Financing Statement. List the trusts and transmitting utilities (both federal and state) as DEBTORS/Debtors and yourself, the living male or female, as the priority secured party creditor recognized by the 1934 Bankruptcy Act Section 101 (11). JAMES WILLIAM SMITH (DEBTOR) lives at your address in all caps and in the “USA” and “STATE OF___” (two letter federal state) JAMES W. SMITH (DEBTOR) is in the same status.

James William Smith (Debtor) lives at your address in upper and lower case and in the “USA” and “State of____” (two letter federal state) James W. Smith (Debtor) same as above…. but you, the living man, james william smith live at your address in all small letters and in the “usa” and the state of ca or ak or az or mt or la or………all small letters and the zip code there appears in brackets. In legal documents brackets mean that the information is there, but not really there for contractual purposes.

So, always put the zip code in brackets when you are referring to your own address as a living male or female, because your version of united States of America doesn’t use zip codes. Mark your UCC-1 as a “COMMERCIAL AFFIDAVIT– NOT A POINT OF LAW” Second, claim your right to Common Law preserved at UCC 1-308 — not to be obligated by any contract defective under the Common Law—-that is, any contract that is inequitable, unilateral, undisclosed, lacking mutuality or merely presumed to exist as the result of receiving a compelled benefit.

That tells them that you are not obligated to follow their “statutory” —that is, “maritime law” they operate under. So, you’ve taken back control of your own ESTATE/Estate/estate and returned to the land jurisdiction of your birth. If they want to continue their actions against your ESTATE and issue COURT or “Court” orders against it, you may safely reply that you are not obligated to perform upon any such orders which have clearly not been issued to you (they’ve been issued to foreign estate trusts or transmitting utilities) and which were issued in a foreign maritime jurisdiction.

Ever stood on the deck of a ship and watched sharks swimming around in the water below? They can thrash about all they want, but as long as you are standing on either the deck of a ship or on terra firma, they can’t get at you. Same principal.

That marks the end of their ability to enforce anything against you or your ESTATE/Estate, but it is just the beginning of your ability to enforce against them. filing-2014-787015-2.pdf Anna