Subject: Top 5 Banking Acts to Control America

It’s been a while, so I thought I’d give everyone an update.

The Pope has continued his efforts to clean up the mess that the Vatican Bank has caused. Nobody knows yet what he will do. He could just close it down, which would then collapse all the other banks in the world, like dominoes. On one hand, that is an attractive idea, and on the other, likely to cause incredible confusion and chaos and suffering.

My best quess is that he will make selective changes — administratively and in practical terms. The problem is that it is all so interconnected — like pulling on one string of a spider web. If he liquidates one major bank, like J.P. Morgan, for wrong-doing beyond the pale, that in turn impacts other banks…..and the domino effect again comes into play. It’s not lack of will to change things — it’s lack of being sure of HOW to do it.

A gigantic planetary-scale conference has been taking place all this month to discuss the dilemma, and some decisions are expected this week as the conference winds down. For those who haven’t been watching: Colonel Qaddafi of Libya championed a commercial unification of the African states, similar to the European Union — a “United States of Africa” — that would be united by a common currency — the gold Dinar.

After his death resolve solidified among the Arab nations of the Mideast and South Asia and many African states as well. India has thus far remained officially unaligned, but, things being what they are, there is no doubt that India will become a de facto part of this new trading block. This changes the whole balance of the world. The Russians and Chinese have answered by creating their own trading block.

That leaves the “rest of us” to form a third, counter-balancing block of trade interests — basically the old British Commonwealth, Europe (more or less), USA, and Japan. The reintroduction of gold as a trading medium of the African states forces the rest of the world to use it, too. So we are all headed back to a commodity based monetary system with gold and silver serving as the “reserve” commodity underwriting international commerce. The picture is made more complex because our traditional allies in Europe are over a barrel.

Russia already controls access to propane and natural gas throughout northern Europe — a situation that puts Germany in the position of both a de facto vassal state to the Russian- Chinese trading block, and, potentially, an enforcer for that trading block. The Americans have tried for a dozen years to complete an alternate pipeline, but have been two-blocked by the local governments of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Any effort on our part or Canada’s part to relieve the situation would involve transporting natural gas at relatively great expense via a constant flotilla of tankers — a sort of modern day Berlin Airlift — to backstop the energy resources of the impacted European nations. The economics of this versus a pipeline can never pencil out and nobody has come up with anything to change the situation in our favor.

The Americans have oil and gas reserves still in the ground sufficient to collapse world energy prices for decades, but they would be the chief ones to suffer from glutting the market, and its doubtful that doing this would solve anything. The other alternative, the release of “free energy technology” to the world has already happened and will eventually spell the doom of the entire petroleum- based energy sector.

The hegemony that Russia currently enjoys in Europe won’t last forever — a fact not lost on Vladimir Putin and his Chinese allies. What we are facing is a short-lived but diabolical trading war in which access to basic commodities will be used as weapons, and all this is happening in concert with massive corruption and restructuring of the banking industry worldwide. At home, we Americans are waking up like Rip Van Winkle after a 150 year nap.

We awake to find that our servants have taken over the house and are whooping it up on our credit cards. The Act of 1871 created a corporate municipal government for the District of Columbia, the Insular Tariff cases of 1900- 1903 allowed Congress to operate as a separate municipal government and operate the District and federal possessions as an independent city state which deceptively calls itself “the United States of America” and which has come to be called “the United States of America Minor” as opposed to the United States of America Major — meaning the 50 domestic states.

This has led to no end of semantic deceit and confusion that has been purposefully manipulated to fleece the unsuspecting American public. Acting as the corporate board of directors for the municipal government of Washington, DC, the “US Congress” passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the Emergency Powers Clause of the Bankruptcy Act in 1933, the Social Security Act of 1934, the Alien Registration Act and the Buck Act of 1940 — all of which applied ONLY to “US citizens” — that is, “federal citizens” born in Washington, DC, Guam, Puerto Rico, etc., and certain other limited classes of individuals — but which were “interpeted” as if they applied across the board to American Nationals permanently domiciled on the land of one of the organic, geographically defined states.

The FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM—an alliance of privately owned and operated banks — operated the United States of America, Incorprated, as the corporation responsible for providing the governmental services contracted for by the organic states under the original Constitution for the united States of America until 1933, when that corporation was declared bankrupt and entered receivership.

Another banking cartel, the IMF, created another corporation doing business as the UNITED STATES, INC. and “inherited” the equity contract to provide governmental services in the interim. The IMF which is an agency of the UNITED NATIONS — yet another independent City State operating on our shores — has functioned in an endlessly criminal fashion and the members of Congress operating as the “US CONGRESS” have aided and abetted it. The United States of America, Inc. operated local franchises doing business as “States” as in “State of Ohio”.

The UNITED STATES, INC. operates local franchises doing business as “STATES” as in “STATE OF DELAWARE”. All these semantic deceits are employed to mask the fact that these corporations have usurped the owner’s interests in violation of the national trust indenture and in violation of their commercial contracts. The UNITED STATES corporation operated by the IMF refused to comply with the Basel II and III banking reforms and continued to use “off book” escrow accounts as a means to defraud Americans and siphon off vast amounts of money.

This ultimately led to the release of the United States of America, Inc. from bankruptcy as of July 1, 2013, and the rapid acceptance of the Basel III provisions by the Federal Reserve Banks, FDIC, and SEC during the next two weeks. This places the IMF at odds with the entire world banking community and places the Federal Reserve Banks back in charge of the United States of America, Incorporated and in compliance with the international banking reforms of Basel I, II, and III. This is — relatively — good news for the Americans, but what remains is an ugly sorting out. The United States of America, Inc. is starting out with a clean slate and @ $15 trillion dollars in credit as of last July — this is because what is “National Debt” for the IMF and the United States of America Minor is “National Credit” for the Federal Reserve and the United States of America Major.

Please note that none of this is anything that SHOULD impact living Americans — this is all infighting — “wars” — between corporations charged with defending the US Trust and its assets — but because of semantic deceit and fraud, the mis-management of these trustee organizations has resulted in horrific damage to Americans and their organic states. The “public servants” have had one long wild party at our expense.

Now, it’s coming to an end, and it is imperative that we all wake up and do our part as the beneficiaries of the national trust to reassert and from now on maintain control of the “federal” — that is, the “contract” government that we employ to provide ONLY---- This was Added to the PRe Poof


Reading the many comments on different websites, we realize that many remain confused by the difference in the two currencies. The FEDERAL US DOLLAR (FRN) has nothing to do with the United States of America.

The Federal Fiat dollar is owned by a private corporation formed in 1913 on Jeckyl Island by private individuals. The "owners" of said corporation called it the US Dollar to cover up the scam of theft of the American people. If you have not realized this by now, we suggest a crash course into the history of the Federal Reserve.

When, not if, the Global Currency Reset occurs.....the world will return to a "asset backed" system.

For example, baskets will obtain gold, silver, oil, corn, cotton or whatever resources prove valuable. This will enable each countries currency to be "pegged" to a new value. These "baskets" will NOT have the countrys' currency in it, for example - gold, yuan, british pound, etc. Right now the "SDR" (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF is set up with "currencies" and that is not going very well, so that will change also. Each country has an audit of "assets" their country possesses and what it can support for a value to their currency.

This "value" is not only gold bars in the vault, but also what is in the ground under their feet. Back to the United States problem that people do not understand. Right now folks are saying that the US FIAT DOLLAR is going to devalue when the Reset occurs...WHO CARES!!! That is the privately owned fiat dollar, let it go down burning is what I say!!! The "true value" of the crap paper is about 3 cents. That is why a loaf of bread is around $4.00 at the store.

The USA Treasury will be sending out a NEW US TREASURY currency. If you do not believe this can happen...Research what John F. Kennedy DID in 1963. Google Kennedy Dollar, look at the $5 bill and the $2 bill...what is missing? I'll give the answer at the end for those too lazy to look it up.

This is how it will play out - so nothing for us to worry about. The Global Reset happens....announcements made that the USA This is how it will play out so nothing for us to worry about.

USA TREASURY bills. For those of you that "might" still have fiat cash in your wallet or tucked under your mattress, you will be able to take it to the bank and exchange it for new treasury notes or spend it at the store. When the store makes its deposit, the US Treasury will shred it. It is my understanding, it will take approximately six months for all fiat bills to be collected from mason jars, mattresses, etc. So far it will be a one to one reason to freak out the people of the USA. The FEDS have not printed new fiat $1, $5, $10, or $20 bills since 2009. This is why they have been pushing the "debit" card to use instead of cash.

If everybody suddenly went back to only using CASH...the banks would freak because they do not have that much fiat cash on hand. The new US Treasury bill will have for example, a TRUE value of let's say $1.80 value to each $1.00 new bill. So that same loaf of bread sitting at $4.00 fiat right now, will DROP IN PRICE to NEW USA Treasury price of $1.30 for example, or even drop back to 89 cents like it was 30 years ago.

As Poof use to tell us all "we will return to 1950's prices" because the NEW USA Treasury currency "will have a "TRUE" value to it and it will be WAY HIGHER than that crappy fiat paper worth no more than 3 cents!!! Just understand that the NEW Treasury bills will have a HIGHER value and you will be able to buy more at the store....this is also part of the "leveling the playing field" for us all.

We will get more "bang for the buck" finally!!! As for the OLD FIAT PRIVATELY OWNED CURRENCY that was called the US Dollar....Let it Burn!!! When it Burns, so will ALL that debt that is in Fiat dollars that has been chained around the neck of the World and the American people for the last 100+ years.

BRING ON THE NEW USA TREASURY DOLLARS!! I hope this clears up some of the confusion.